Re:Set Employee Well Being

What will your Re:Set Workplace Initiative look like?The A-Z of well-being and everything in between. Speak to a Re:Set expert to get a bespoke program that suits your needs.

Build Resilient and High-Performing Teams. Double employee happiness and reduce burnout by 90% with end-to-end mental health care through our five psychologically-backed pillars.

Scientifically-backed, expert-designed, and personalized mental health services for your most invaluable asset: your people.The workplace is the third-leading cause of stress and burnout. Learn how you can help your team in their personal and professional lives.

OUR MISSION To provide organizations with access to a personalized, inclusive and actionable mental health platform for their employees.

Aakanksha has been named on the Forbes Middle East 30 Under 30 list for helping organizations become more mindful through Re:Set.In addition, she is also the Workplace Wellness Advisor to the Middle East Public Relations Association and its members.She is a member of the Young Leaders Circle at The Milken Institute and a Raisina Young Fellow at The Observer Research Foundation.In her past life as a journalist, Aakanksha worked at CNN and VICE Media. In her free time, you can find her taking endless photos of her dog, scoping out the best cafes and hosting her award-winning podcast.

MENTAL FORTITUDE Cultivate happiness and inner strength to tackle the challenges that come your way.

SOCIAL AGILITY Foster self-love and learn practical ways to forge strong bonds, and build empathy.

MINDFULNESS Master the skill of acceptance and letting go.

CONSTRUCTIVE Re:Set Build and develop micro habits for lasting change.

COGNITIVE ACUITY Develop a growth mindset and flourish in your professional life.